Arduino talking

In my opinion, arduino is one of perfect way for atumate your home, car and similar everyday environment.
But i m not shure, how can we connect more arduinos, can they communicate to each other ?

Sure. Use serial, I2c, SPI.

Do you have any tuts that can help me with learning this ? I will search on my own of course , but if you recommend me something why not :smiley:

And how can we connect them with a code?
As far as i can see, arduino are using Wiring principles and that is processing programming language, what was originally design for hobbyist and artist, like the arduino.

But for exmp. One of my controller is sensing something, other one sensing something else, and i want to store infos on third one and send myself this infos via email or sms i need to connect this 3 arduinos to communicate togheter, in first plan i was think to use raspberry pi, but since i really m in love with arduino …

But i m in the world of arduino shortly time-

Look into I2C. You can have one Arduino as a master and the other two as slaves. The slaves send data to master and the master can communicate with the outside world. There are examples in the IDE (File, Examples, Wire) that will show how to set up comms between two Arduinos. It's pretty easy to add a slave. The master and slaves need to be relatively close to one another with I2C. If they must be far apart RS485 may be a better bet.

As Arduino use simple syntax and 32 bit, i m not shure for developer side, is it possible to create a code, for example, slavi 1 slave 2 and master and slaves send a results to a master.

But is it possible to take a master, take this result, and if result is this and this send email.
else don't see the mail .

I m avare that i can manipulate with slave and master, tnx to your explanation, i saw official arduino email examples and samples of code, but it is just show how to send a email, i m not sure can i type that kind of code.

To take a final results and send me on email.

For exmp. I got two custom create LED 's lamp, in kitchen and in living room. And now via twitter i setup my color.
i have 3 arduino he is master, and if my wife change colour, master send me on email, living room colour changed.That is a idea for which one i was asking about communicate two or more arduinos

Sorry, sending Email or interacting with Twitter are beyond my experience. That said, deciding to send or not is easily done with a decision making structure like if, if else, else. With I2C or RS485, each slave will have a unique address that only it will respond to.

It's look to me that i need to combine more lib's at once, or maybe write a new one

But tnx man for helping me :slight_smile: you solved one of my big questions in head

If you want multiple (more than 2) Arduinos, look into RS485. This is just a way of doing Serial communications over a distance and with multiple Arduinos. See THIS:

NOTE: A working system with your application running over multiple Arduinos should have some organized data movement and error-checking. Nick Gammon has a nice library that does this here: Gammon Forum : Electronics : Microprocessors : RS485 communications