HELLO everyone i am trying like many others to make my owm cnc but i dostn't seem to work out i have bougt 3 stepper drive tb6560 i have upload gbrl to arduino but my stepper motors(wantai motor 1,2A 42byghw804) dont want to move IS THERE SOMEONE to tell me what i am doing wrong my connections is(for x axis pin 2 to CLK+, pin 5 to CW+ ,pin 8 to EN+GROUND TO CW- ,CLK-connected WITH EN-)for axis z and y the power of the stepper drive is 12 v and the connection of the motor is {blue b-, red b+, green a-, black a+}thank you very much i

You need to make a pencil (or pen) drawing showing how you have everything connected and post a photo of the drawing. (Please do NOT use Fritzing)

ALSO give details of the motor power supply (volts and amps).

You should check the resistance of the motor coils with your multimeter to confirm which pair of wires go to each coil.

Try this Simple Stepper Code with any one of the motors - you will need to figure out which Arduino pins are for step and direction.

...R Stepper Motor Basics