ARDUINO - teach mode\work mode - how to do?

Hello folks,

For long and short I would like to create an RFID reader that has two modes:
TEACH mode and WORK mode

in teach mode user can give a reference value to the board
for example:
In the teach mode user needs to scan a tag 5 times, if all 5 tags have the same value
arduino save the reference value. Teach is complete
In work mode user can scan any arduino tags that compare with the reference value
once the tag differs from the reference value a red led should start blinking.

This is the concept.
First of all I would like to know if it is possible to make with arduino?
Also if you can recommend any kind of tutorials that could bring me closer to the solution of my project
I would be really thankful.

Thank you for your prompt answer and any kind of help!


Hello there!

This seems kind of similar to an example code called Access Control, which is part of the MFRC522 Arduino Library, which can store a master card and can add or remove several other cards from memory. Using this code as a guideline, it can be easily modified to meet your project. Give it a look through and let me know.

Thank you for your quick reply!
I will check it for sure!
btw If I would like to change the RFID reader to a barcode scanner I could use the same schema right?
Thanks again, it seems really usefull!

I've never used a barcode scanner so I can't say. I would recommend googling "barcode scanner arduino" and see what happens