Arduino teensy 3.2 Joystick problem in ship simulator

I am dealing with a problem with my arduino teensy 3.2, which I've set up as an USB controller, and I am using real ships controls.(Throttle/thrust lever, 5K pots). Under you will see the code I am using. Ship Sim 2008 got a function, which lets you set your own controls, either via the computers keyboard, or a joystick X- or Y-axis. But when my arduino is plugged in to my PC, it will input "Joy1_POV 1_0", regardless of whether I use the keyboard or joystick. The controller works just fine when calibrating and testing using the "windows game controller" program on my PC. It drags smooth both on the Y-axis and the X-axis. Here is a guy that seems to have dealt with the same problem, but i don't understand what he's done when he found a solution, and I can't get in contact with him...(It's me that's commented below his post.)

void setup() { pinMode(10, INPUT_PULLUP); pinMode(11, INPUT_PULLUP); }

void loop() { // read analog inputs and set X-Y position Joystick.X(analogRead(10)); Joystick.Y(analogRead(11)); }

I don't think the problem lays in the code, since its working great as mentioned in the test/calibrating function.

Desperate for help, I've searched the whole web for answers, but it seems like the guy on steamcommunity is the only person who have dealt with this issue.

(sorry for bad english, I hope it's readable)

no one ?