Arduino Telnet Client print when Button pressed

Hello everyone,

I am looking for a solution to send different commands over the Arduino Telnet Client by pressing the associated Button to control an external device over Telnet.

I started with the example and it works well when I type in a Command and push Send in the Serial Monitor.

But now I would like to have for example 4 Buttons.
If I press Button 1, then Client.print ,,Button1Pressed"
If I press Button 2, then Client.print ,,Button2Pressed"

Can somewone say me how I can Integrate it in the Sketch.

Thanks in advance!

start with

Hello Juraj,

thank you for your suggestion.

I have build up also the example, but my problem is to integrate the different Sketches.

The problem is that i am complete new with arduino. But I need a solution for a project, but I do not have enough time to become a perfect Arduino user.

I hope someone can give me Almost a finished solution ;D

Thank's a lot!

it is not about arduino. you can't write a sketch if you didn't learn programming. not the language, but the concepts of programming - algorithms and data types