Arduino + Temp values sent via RF 433 TX module : Need to "Label" the sent data

Hi all,

I have a technical difficulty with one project i am currently running.

The initial setup is relatively simple :
I have an Arduino Pro Mini connected to a DS18B20 Temp Sensor and a TX RF 433Mhz Module.

The temp sensor is measuring the temp, arduino is sending it over the air. Then i have a RX RF 433Mhz Module on a Raspberry Pi that sniffs the data and store whatever he receives in a .txt file.
The program i use to send the data is derived from the RCSwitch code (in theory made for doing Remote stuff...)

Here is the full setup :

The wiring and the code : i-build-stuff: [Wireless Room Temperature Monitoring System] Temperature sensing with DS18B20 sensor and Arduino Pro Mini

How i send and receive between Arduino and Raspberry Pi : i-build-stuff: [Wireless Room Temperature Monitoring System] Sending Temperature values to the Raspberry Pi and store it in a .txt file

My problem is the following :
I plan to have more than one Wireless temperature sensor in my place so i need to be able to differentiate a value sent by the outside sensor.
As of now the code i use allows me to send an INT only ... i can't seem to be able to append any STRING.
Maybe i can try to append a "unique" number in front of the temp value ... but i do not know how to do it.

Does anyone have any suggestion for me ? Maybe i am using the wrong code to send the data over ... or maybe i am dumb !

Nobody can help ? :frowning: I am stuck :frowning:

Hi all,

I found the solution somewhere else :slight_smile: If you are interested, everything is described here : i-build-stuff: [Wireless Room Temperature Monitoring System] Labeling a temperature (DS18B20) from an Arduino Pro Mini to a Raspberry Pi

I hope it helps someone.