Arduino temperature / humidity alarm and monitoring over ethernet.

Hello Friend,

New project in mind. want to build a temperature / humidity alarm for server room. I want to set a specific temperature and humidity if its goes up of limit alarm sound will be on also i want to give the arduino Ethernet a static IP address so that i can monitor server room over internet. and if possible a mail also be sent using smtp to the team as alart :)

Please what are the thing i require to do this thing.

You need an Uno (or compatible), a 7V-12V power supply for the Uno, a Wiznet W5100 shield, and a DHT11 or AM2302 for temperature/humidity sensing.

Since you're in a server room it might be a better idea to skip the ethernet shield and slave the Uno onto a server in that room and use serial communication between the server and Uno for readings. That way you can just put a web daemon on that server for those needs, as well as handle the logging, mail, and alerts from whatever scripting language you prefer running on that server. The Uno can also take power from the USB connection so no external power supply would be necessary. See