Arduino Temperature Logger

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I am Completely New to Arduino (But have a long history of Electrical engineering and Computer Knowledge). I am looking to start a project that consists of building up a four channel temperature logger with a web interface. Was hoping to get some Guidance on the feasibility of the project and what sort of hardware i need to be shopping for:

Specs for my Project below:
roduct Range of Temp Logging Units 1 channel, 2 channel and 4 channel

+/- 0.05 Deg. Celsius Accuracy
Live Web Graph
Adjustable Logging Rate (5 seconds - 24 hours)
Over/Under Temp Alarms and Email Alerts
Configurable Web Serv Port, LAN IP, Etc
Auto periodical FTP upload of data sets (For backup)

Premium Model Upgrades

Wifi Module
GSM Module for Non Ethernet/Wifi Sites nd for rollover in case of LAN failure
Battery Backup

Can you recommend a good starter kit and any extras that would get me well acquainted with Arduino and fulfil my hardware requirements for the project? I'm hoping that if the project is successful that i can build the units in bulk.


a backgroundreader - Data-Logger Shield for Arduino -

+/- 0.05 Deg. Celsius Accuracy
What is its range ? minimum maximum? This is very accurate

Live Web Graph
Think you need a PC for that. check PHP Apache - -

Adjustable Logging Rate (5 seconds - 24 hours)
Check a real time clock DS1307
PLease consider to decouple sampling rate and logging rate. Sampling rate should allways be maximal (e.g. 1/sec or 1/10 sec) to have a good alarm function.

Over/Under Temp Alarms and Email Alerts
if you do PHP let the server do this.

Configurable Web Serv Port, LAN IP, Etc
PHP Apache

Auto periodical FTP upload of data sets (For backup)

Thanks Heaps robtillaart,

That Background logger looks like a Great start....

I was hoping to have the entire web interface and email alerts onboard.Something similar to this :

Appreciate your input...

I don't think that the Arduino has enough RAM for implementing the live graph. You need a separate web server for that. I use the SheevaPlug with the Arduino in a similar a configuration (controls the heating of my house and displays a temp graph from several sensors on a web page).

Let use know if you can find a temp sensor that meets your requirements.

Myself and another forum user have built a temperature loggin system using an Arduino, Ethernet Shield (or Arduino Ethernet all-in-one), a SQL database (to store and log values) and then plotting them to the open source FLOT graphing system.

The results are very good.

Initially we are using a DHT22 temperature and humidiy sensor, but the sensor can be anything you choose of course.

Here is an example of the plots, the button along the top allow you to focus on a pre-specified period as displayed in the second picture.

Fully recommend using FLOT, full details can be found here - Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting.


Looks very good,
Do you have a project description?

Thank you, I started populating the stuff on my blog, just haven't finished it properly yet.

I will try and get it done over the next few days and post a link :slight_smile:

Thanks all,
Excellent advice all round. Will eagerly await posting on Tissy's blog...

@pekka, did you have any more details about your project you would be willing to share?


Where/how did you host the SQL DB?

I use Windows Home Server 2011, so i'm lucky I can host my own PHP and mySQL quite easily on the network.