Arduino temperature measuring , heating and cooling

Hello Guys

I am quite new in this business and that is why I am trying to ask som help from the experts.

Ok, so the first step, my problem.

I have a totally sealed box. I would like to hold the temperature inside, no matter if the outside temperature is 40°C or -10°C. The box is equipped with a cooling machine, and a separated heating machine. I'd like to controll those two separated machine with a relay board with two separated relay.

The program would work somehow like this.

I would like to adjust the base temperature with a potentiometer. Maybe the limits can be 10 to 30°C. I'd like to let it write on an LCD board.
When I adjust let say 20°C as a base, depending on the actual temperature, the system starts to heat or cool. When it reach the 20°C it stops and starts working when it reach the 22°C ot the 18°C. I think that 2°C limit is enough but I'd like to adjust it in the program depending on the experiance.

My question. Has anybody find some program like this? Can anybody help me how is it possible? what kind of equipments I will need?

Thank you in advance

Welcome aboard. Stop worrying about it and just get started. I'm sure Google will deliver samples for wiring and reading a potentiometer. You Need to look into which temperature sensor to use. There are many and they function differently (some use an analog pin, others connect using I2C). Whatever sensor you get, there are samples on how to read them (look for a library for the sensor you acquire. The library will have samples with it.) For the relays, you should not power them directly from the Arduino but will probably Need a Transistor. The Arduino Switches the Transistor on, the Transistor Switches the relay on, the relay Switches the heater/cooler on.

Once you've done that Research and written your program, if it doesn't work as expected - don't fret None of our programs worked the first time - just upload it here and we will see how to help you. (Make sure you read the Posts at the top of the Forum about how to post and pay particular Attention to how to include your sketch.)

Have fun learning.