Arduino - temperature resistance


I can use arduino in outdoor in winter, if will be freeze up?

Thanks for your answers.

Depends on where you live. It will have issues if you want to run it outside at the South Pole in the winter. Parts of Siberia would be an issue to.

I think they should be fine to at least -10 centigrade.

Page 287 of the [u]ATMega Datasheet[/u] says Operating Temperature is -55 to +125 degrees C. (The electrical specs are show for -40 to +85.)

I'd also be concerned about moisture condensation... Relative humidity increases as temperature decreases... So it can be "perfectly dry" at room temperature and in a sealed container, and if the temperature drops you can get moisture condensation.

The crystal is the problem. When you buy a cheap clone on Ebay, they use crystals that stop working at freezing temperatures. The official Arduino boards have better quality crystals.

A resonator instead of a crystal is better. And using the internal oscillator will keep it running at even lower temperatures.

Throw a few Arduino boards in the freezer (with thin wires for a power supply or batteries outside the freezer and perhaps wires for serial data) and you will see that at least some of them will stop working. They will start again outside the freezer, so you have to find a way to test if they are working when they are in the freezer.