Arduino test instrument

Hi All,

Complete novice to this, but want to learn and have a project i want to create for work.

I work for a fire extinguisher manufacturer and we are currently doing some testing that i want to collect data from.

I want to set up a arduino (if capable) to start and stop recording data at the press of a button, save the info as a file accessible by a pc via usb of sd card, be able to save more than 1 file without overwriting the old data

I want to mount a microswitch to the extinguisher squeeze valve, and for the arduino to record the amount of times the valve is pressed and also the duration of the press.

As well as that i would like the system to record the internal pressure of the cylinder when the handle is pressed, either that or make the start stop switch refresh data every second and record the button press and the duration over those seconds.

Thanks in advance for any help, just trying to determine whether i can manage this with the arduino or a raspberry pi.

Also any help with the coding/wiring would be greatly appreciated

Welcome to the forum.

That would be a pretty straightforward project for someone familiar with Arduino and the C/C++ programming language.

The most basic Arduino with an SD card connector (or add an SD card module) can monitor switches, a pressure sensor and record data to the card. There are countless tutorials on line for each aspect of the project.

The thing not need RPi to do.

Thank you, ive been looking at online courses on udemy, may be a bit rough and generic but i learnt solidworks off it so think it may be a good starting point to get a foot in.

Ill have a look online now and buy the course for starters.

Thank you for your help

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