Arduino TFT LCD Module dead?

I've recently bought an Arduino TFT LCD shield which I am interfacing to an Uno. I've carefully followed the instructions on the web page to connect it up, and checked it many times.... I've downloaded and tried various demo apps for it but in all cases I just get 4 or so black and white bars across the display, which isn't what is supposed to be there. I've put a scope on the SPI line and they all look fine.

So I suspect a faulty LCD module, but before I send it back to the supplier I want to know if the SPI settings need tweeking, i.e. MSB/LSB first, the mode (0, 1, 2, 3) and the clock speed. I've tried a few permutations but still no success.

Can I safely say this module is defective, or have I missed something that is less than obvious to me....


Ok, I've got it solved..... I thought I had the latest Arduino code but apparently not, loading the nightly build files have resolved the issue.