Arduino TFT LCD Screen + BLE Shield Compatibility


I want to test an Arduino TFT LCD Screen with BLE Shield, they work well separately but both are using hardware SPI. I'm trying to change the pins for TFT without success, by the moment, but I'd like to use the hardware SPI because is faster drawing. It is possible to use both devices at the same time with Arduino UNO? Can you suggest me something about this issue? perhaps something like sensor Shield? And I'd like to know how to change pins because I've tried to do it but there were a lot of errors like missing parameters in TFT(param1, param..) , etc

I'm a newbie at Arduino, sorry for my ignorance.

Many Thanks!

The SPI pins are shared between all SPI devices. You only need a separate SS pin for each device. For example your BLE shield can use pin 10 as the SS pin, and your LCD can have pin 9 as SS. I'm not familiar with the shields, but I'm pretty sure that you will have to modify at least one of the shields to change its SS pin mapping.