Arduino tft screen just shows lines.

I have an arduino esplora with the natraul screen, the screen is the new one for the robot, acouple people said they had the same problems. so when it turns on the screen goes all white, and after a few seconds it shows four black lines horizontally down the screen that block out, pong, or any other program. it also seems the screen is broken, at the top its loose (it can move up and down) other than that the hardware looks fine. some other people were saying its a sw problem and it works fine on the arduino robot only. Help! and thanks in advance!

I spent a long time searching for the answer to this. Once I checked out the Arduino site, I found a solution that works for me very quickly.

If you are using Arduino libraries version 10.5, you need to update to a newer one, like 1.5.6 (as of today).

Edit: Attached is a picture of my Esplora with the issue. It is now fixed.

thanks! cant wait to try it out