Arduino TFT ST7735 screen is not working with Mega 2560

I am trying to replace a single-color display at this project [1] with a TFT multicolor one [2], but I cannot even attach it because these projects have different libraries which aren't compatible with each other. Have you encountered this problem, or do you know how it could be solved?

[2] » LED Light Painting

Link on use TFT screen
Arduino Mega 2560 + WiFi R3 (ATmega2560+ESP8266)

I believe you will need to edit the code because the display used was the simplest type (HD44780) and now you want to use one of the most sophisticated (TFT).

The HD44780 type display is usually used for plain text. But TFT can also be used for plain text, most libraries have a “print” function as long as they are selected, other additional parameters like font size, color, position etc.

I found the code (link below) if anyone is interested in helping to convert to TFT:

Digital Light Wand + SD + LCD + Arduino MEGA - V MRR-3.0 (WS2812 RGB LED Light Strip)
by Michael Ross 2014
Based on original code by myself in 2010 then enhanced by Is0-Mick in 2012

The Digital Light Wand is for use in specialized Light Painting Photography

This code is totally rewritten using code that IsO-Mick created made to specifically
support the WS2812 RGB LED strips running with an SD Card, an LCD Display, and the
Arduino Mega 2560 Microprocessor board.

The functionality that is included in this code is as follows:

Menu System
1 - File select
2 - Brightness
3 - Initial Delay
4 - Frame Delay
5 - Repeat Times (The number of times to repeat the current file playback)
6 - Repeat Delay (if you want a delay between repeated files)
7 - Frame Off time if you want a time off between frames (Use 0 in most cases)

This code supports direct reading of a 24bit Windows BMP from the SD card.
BMP images must be rotated 90 degrees clockwise and the width of the image should match the
number of pixels you have on your LED strip. The bottom of the tool will be the INPUT
end of the strips where the Arduino is connected and will be the left side of the input
BMP image.

Mick also added a Gamma Table from adafruit code which gives better conversion of 24 bit to
21 bit coloring.


// Library initialization
#include <Adafruit_NeoPixel.h> // Library for the WS2812 Neopixel Strip
#include <SD.h> // Library for the SD Card
#include <LiquidCrystal.h> // Library for the LCD Display


I found the code (link below) if anyone is interested in helping to convert to TFT

Good day! Sorry, I tried converting this code to TFT but it didn’t work (maybe I did something wrong, don’t know). Any other ideas?

I would be happy to give a gift to whoever will help me

Working with the TFT display is not too difficult, but it consumes more resources. Try to understand how the standard display (hd44780) works, then try to understand how the TFT display works. So it should be easier to convert the code.