Arduino thesis

A professor suggested I write my thesis about Arduino and Scilab (Equivalent to MATLAB). Right now I am thinking of defining topic more specific. Any suggestions?

If I was to develop a theses, I'd find it a lot easier to do if the subject was of interest to me. A topic like "The relationship between swamp temperatures and water buffalo population" would bore me to tears.

If you are the same way, it would be necessary to know what your interests are.

It might help if you specified what sort of thesis (note the spelling) and in which subject area.


My main interest is to write thesis as soon as possible. Employer is waiting for my papers (diploma) :D

Yeah right.


Perhaps something about the international aspect of the Arduino platform. While certainly not the first international technical collaboration, it is certainly the first or at least early successful international project/collaboration that reaches down to a vast number of individual hobbyist, grade schools, advance schools, etc. I would think there is a rich set of topics you might be able to research and expand on this aspect of the Arduino popularity and it's effects.