Arduino thyratron


Has anybody succeeded in interfacing a thyratron with arduino PWM output ?

If yes, i would be interested in knowing the thyratron part number and what specific driver did you use to isolate arduino TTL from High Voltage.

Thank you in advance

Not quite sure what you want to do with a thyratron but the only way to do it would be with an opto isolator:- see also :-

About opto-isolator and mosfet high speed PWM drivers, i know the theory and practice (please see my YouTube channel with solid state tesla coil and plasma globe).

What I really need is info on a cheap thyratron (requiring of course an opto-isolator) along which driver component should I insert between opto and thyratron control pin to have fast switching of 10-50 KV.

Sorry can't help, forgotten everything about valves on purpose....

you using an oldie valve thyratron or solid state ?


i'm working on tesla coils engineering but trying to do as much solid state control I can for better tuning plus radiation safety

The solid state step-UP tesla coil works real good with mosfet switching control by arduino & ultra fast driver totally isolated from arduino.

The next stage is to make a solid state step-DOWN tesla coil but i don't want to do use a air spark gap aka plasma SCR for safety reasons (ultra wide band radiation) plus a bitch to tune :(

This is why I look for thyratron or valves "PWM interfaced" by arduino.

Please note this is equivalent to build a very high voltage boost-buck PSU brought to stochastic resonance.

I've discovered that my actual arduino isolated-mosfet driver is totally compatible with IGBT, which means the design can plug a mosfet or a IGBT :)

Does any of you have used IGBT, in particular one that could switch very high voltage ?

If yes, any reference ?