Arduino time lapse - camera pan device


This is my Arduino time lapse - camera pan device. I wanted to make a device to pan a small camera and mount it on a tripod. I use a 24byj48 stepper motor to rotate the camera. The device has 2 potentiometers, 3 push buttons and an I2C oled display. I have programmed 3 modes. A manual mode that lets me control the motor by pushing the buttons, I can set the speed with the potentiometer. The second mode is the panning mode. With the 2 potentiometers I can select the angle and time. The third mode is the same as the panning mode but the motor will return to the starting position.

I designed a custom PCB for it in Eagle. It has an ATmega328P-AU, ULN2003 and a TP4056 li-ion charger IC. Through a micro USB connector I can charge the 1 cell li-ion battery that powers the device.


I designed a box for it in Blender and 3D printed it on my reprap 3D printer.

Code is on my blog:

looks well done! Can you post some photos it made?

I've only used it in my garden, don't want to bore you with that :) I'm going to Asia for 4 weeks this summer, hopefully I can make some interesting videos.

I'm not that quickly bored, but ok