Arduino Timer HACTimers

Arduino timer library.

This library has the following functions:

  1. Tic Tac - periodically tick the timer at a given duration.
  2. TicTac and toggle - it is like a tictac but it will toggle the out from false to on and vice versa.
  3. Up counter
  4. Down counter
  5. Time ON delay
  6. Time Off delay

See link below:

For those working with periodic action that is relying on delay to execute such thing and we know that delay is a process killer once you are making a fully integrated firmware with different services such as webserver, mqtt client and etc.

I created this timer library to fix this issue. This library will run smoothly without using the delay functions. Although in milliseconds point of view it is not multitasking but for human observation somehow we feel like we are doing a multitasking with in our small arduino mcu. This timer library has a basic function on what we need on a timer such as :

  1. Tic and tac
  2. Tick and toggle the output.
  3. Up counter.
  4. Down counter.
  5. Time ON/OFF delay.

It can be used to blink the led easily and the application will not be limited there.

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