Arduino-Tiny Core Not Working

I have been having trouble getting the Arduino-Tiny Core to work on my computer.

I have downloaded the file, placed the "Tiny" file in the Hardware folder, copied "Prospective Boards.txt" and pasted the contents into "boards.txt". However, when I restart the Arduino IDE and look under Tools -> Boards, I do not see any ATtiny options.

Is there a way to get this working?

In the README, it said to change the "upload.tool" entries to the appropriate value for your setup in "boards.txt". I wasn't sure what it meant by this, so I didn't change anything. Does this have to do with the problem?


Which Arduino IDE version?

1.0.5, I believe.

I just realized that I must have downloaded the cores for Arduino 1.5.
I downloaded the right file and it works!!

Thank you! I appreciate your help.