Arduino + tiny45 = OK / Arduino + tiny13 = PROBLEM

I made simple circuit which reads value from potentiometer (analogRead) and use PWM to control LED (analogWrite).
When I upload it to attiny45 with tiny45 core it was OK.
Unfortunately on tiny13 it doesn’t work :frowning: Tiny13 and tiny45 have the same pinouts, so I bought tiny13 for my project and now I am so angry.

Can sb tell me what is going on??

Here’s my code:

void setup(){
void loop(){
   int sensor=analogRead(3);
 if(sensor<10) {
  analogWrite(0, 0);
 } else {

Almost certainly a lack of either Flash (program memory) or ram... Most likely RAM, it only has 64 bytes... You can do basic C with that, but you'll likely not be able to use the Arduino extentions/libraries The tiny13 is not really usable in C/C++ It is so limited assembly is usually needed...

Which core are you using for the ATtiny13?