arduino to activate a joystick button

hello everyone ,

i dont if this is possible but here is what i am trying to do

i have a 32 button HID joystick (it show on the Device manager and all button working ok )

i am trying to have a code in arduino to activate or "press" a joystick button )

for example :

when pin number 20 is high (press in the arduino) the button 3 in the HID joystick will be press or just emulate a press

is this possible ?

thank you

Yes, it will involve the Arduino controlling a device (either a transistor or some sort of relay) to short the two wires the joystick button is connected to

Simple telecom relay would work, one per button.

5V coil, 139 ohm could even get away with driving directly from Arduino pin (tho a buffer would be preferable). Don't forget diode to dump coil voltage back to 5V supply the coil is de-energized.

With 32, can use 4 high current output shift registers to select the active button (TPIC6C595, TPIC6B595 for example).
Or to drive 12V relays.

Look at reed relays too, they look to be less expensive.

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