Arduino to Arduino 12C bus back and forth exchange

Hello guys
I'm trying to write a code and I want to use the 12c bus to send and receive data from one Arduino to another and be able to decode that data in the slave Arduino from two different inputs to run the driver to my connected 2 relays individually. I want to get the specific data from sensor 1 in Arduino master and trigger relay 1 on slave using sensor 1 and get data from sensor 2 and trigger relay 2 only. I would love them to work individually . Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Arduino Tutorial #10: Arduino to Arduino I2C - YouTube Youtube tutorial


From what you say it could be done in 1 Arduino. From what I am feeling you will have these units on a bus over a meter long, that is asking for a blasting. The longer the wire the worse it will get. Consider something like RS485, that will go thousands of feet. Get the Arduino cookbook by Michael Margolis and read it. Also on line there are many videos etc showing the Arduino and how to do what you want. This additional information will go a long way in getting your problem solved. Once you get past this you then need to select your sensors and actuators. At that point you start on the hardware design and write your software.