Arduino to Arduino CRC

Hey! I am pretty new on Arduino and coding i have a question i'm using 2 Arduinos and using SoftwareSerial library to communicate them between eachother so i need to add CRC in my project when i write smt on master's serial port i wanna see it on sleve's port and at the same time i want implement crc16 and crc32 to my project to be more understandable when i write smt i wanna see both my words that i wrote and crc (is there a problem or not).
Sorry my bad English and thanks for helping.


post your code

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there are of course several different 16 and 32 bit CRCs.

but i'd like to make you aware that the CRC appended to the transmitted message is designed to result in a value of zero when the CRC is calculated by the received.

In some cases.


#include <FastCRC.h>
FastCRC16 CRC16;
char Buf[50];
String in;
void setup() {

void loop() {
  while (Serial.available() > 0) {
    in = Serial.readString();
    Serial.print("\" is: 0x");
    Serial.println( CRC16.xmodem(Buf, sizeof(Buf)), HEX );
    Serial.println("CRC Example");
    Serial.print("XMODEM-CRC of \"");
    Serial.println(Buf );


Here is my codes.

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