Arduino to arduino serial communication of text/audio/video file present in PC

Hi all,

I have two arduino UNO boards (lets call it AU-1 and AU-2). AU-1 is connected to PC-1 and AU-2 is connected to PC-2.
I want to transfer the text/audio/video file present in PC1 from AU-1 to AU-2 via serial and save in PC-2. Once the receive it PC-2 i will open them manually.

Kindly help, i was unable to find correct code/details for the above example.


Please be assured: there is a very good reason why you were not able to find code/details for this. It is not impossible, but there exist good solutions already, and using a pair of Unos would be an extremely poor and incomplete solution.

Plenty of ways to transfer files between two PCs, no need for Arduinos at all.

So what is the actual, real World, purpose of using Arduinos for this ?

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