Arduino to control Thumbstick.

Hi everyone!

New here, and have an Arduino coming in the post today. Something I've been looking around to try and find some guidance on, is how to control a thumbstick with the Arduino. As far as I understand, a thumbstick on any controller, is two pots and a switch. I've found how to read data from a thumbstick, but just can't find anything on how to go about sending data to a controller in place of the thumbstick.

Essentially, what I'm looking to do, is control a small R/C toy with its 2.4Gghz transmitter, controlled by a computer programme. The easist way I can see to do this, is to control the solderpoints it has on the thumbsticks to send data to the microcontroller. If anyone has any other ideas on how to go about this, please let me know - for example bypassing the transmitter altogether and using something else entirely.


You do not control a thumb stick you can only read it.

In order to pass the data onto something else you need to know what that something else expects in the way of data.

Thanks Mike,

The microcontroller on the transmitter seems to read directly off the pots from the thumbstick - this is what I'm trying top emulate. It seems to be reading the resistance, would this mean I would need to get some digital potentiometers in order to achieve what I'm doing?

It seems to be reading the resistance,

Are you sure? It would be unusual. What normally happens is that the pot is used as a potential divider and the voltage is passed on to the transmitter.
If you do emulate this then what is the Arduino going to do apart from being an expensive wire.