Arduino to Drive 24V LEDs

Hello fellow makers,

I'm not new to programming but new to electrionic.

I want to use an Arduino nano to drive a LED strip. The power supply sold with the LED strip announces OUTPUT 24V and 2.5A (that's quite a lot !)

I have a TIP120 and a IRF520N, do you think one of theese is suitable for this project ? I've read IRF520n's datasheet, it seem's to be ok, but I'm not sure the 5V from Arduino will be enough to drive the mosfet.

Can you help me guys ? Thank you.

Neither will be really be ideal.

At 2.5A the TIP120 will get very hot and need a large heatshink /fan.

The IRF520 is old and has quiet a high on resistance for a mosfet so may get hotish, but it needs a control of 20v to develop its full output.

You need a modern Logic Level Mosfet that operates at full load from a 5v control signal.

Your local suplliers catalogue should have a section for such LL Mosfets eg

Thats all assuming you are wanting to pwm / dim them ? if just on/off then a simple relay will also do.

What is VITAL, is that we know what sort of LED strip you have. Can you post a link. Without this any possible solution is only guess work.

@ricky101 : thanks for this 1st informations. Yes you are right I want to dim it. That's why I want to use a transistor or something similar. Moreover the LED strip will be in a shop so I don't want to hear all day long a "click" from the relay :-)

@Grumpy_Mike : I built this simple project for a friend so I ask him to send me pictures of the LED... i'll keep in touch with you.

Not pictures but the schematic of how it is wired.