Arduino to End Product


Im fairly new to arduino but I am loving what I see so far and its absolutely amazing. I have a general question before I get in too deep that Im hoping will generate some suggestions.

Lets say I create a mini vehicle something like this Carduino- a Simple Arduino Robotics Platform With Its Own Library : 14 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables but smaller.

The Adruino board is too big for what I would like to create, so what would be my options? Once I program everything is there a way to transfer my code to a smaller board or what are some ways to take the information from the Arduino to end product? Would I need to get a smaller custom card made (if so how would I get the information transferred). Im open to any and all suggestions. Its tough being new and not having the experience needed.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!


You could use one of the smaller Arduino boards:

Arduino Nano
Arduino Mini (needs separate USB-to-Serial cable)

There are designers available here who can make your arduino into whatever small form factor you would like, combining processor, motor drivers, offboard USB for serial downloading, no regulator if you want to run straight from batteries, custom connectors, etc. Just need to decide what you want.
An example of one mine:

Awesome! I really appreciate the link and suggestions.

Last thoughts:
Earlier I wasn't sure if a custom board or Nano/Mini could be programmed the same way using the Arduino Environment and after more research I found it can which is awesome.

I was looking at the Dimensions of the Nano: 0.73" x 1.70" I believe it will suit my needs for this project. @CrossRoads I'll also keep your link for future projects because Im sure there will come a time when Im going to need a designer for a custom board Im at that phase just yet.

Thank you both, Greatly appreciated!

Glad to help & keep things moving along.