Arduino to Excel How do I do it?


Im rather new to the Arduino plattform and searching for a simple way to get data from the Arduino into Excel for later processing of the data… How do I do it?

Every suggestion welcomed. I´ve search on the web but so far I haven´t found anything…just a few comment about reading serial and pass it that way but exactly how do I do it?. In the Arduino software and in Excel. Or is it easier to plot it in Processing? …as in the tutorial files

One way is to get the data into a comma separated file (CSV) on the machine running Excel and import that file into Excel.

To send CSV data using arduino serial, do something like the following:

Serial.print(Value1, DEC); // send the first value
Serial.print(“,”); // separated by a comma
Serial.print(Value2, DEC); // other values get sent as above
Serial.print(Value3, DEC);
Serial.println(); // print a linefeed character

You can receive the serial data using a terminal program that can save the received data as a file (the file extension should be .csv so excel recognizes it).

Google can give you more detailed help using search terms such as CSV excel import.

Good luck

Check also

Thanks for the response. I will try both the code and SELMADAQ shareware. The CSV looks promising I will send only 10 values at each timepoint so its not a huge amount of data. 288 timepoints...Piece of cake...

Would Processing be capable of saving the data in CSV format? I know how to read serial in Processing but not how to save files ... Becauce then I could plot it in Processing and save the file for later viewing...?

have a look at the createWriter() function: Reference /

Great help with the Processing CreateWrite() great! Open in Excel when you save it as .csv file...Nice. Simple and I think... what I wanted. Now back to work...

Good to hear that you have it working. If you can find the time, you may want to do a brief write-up on sending CSV data to excel for the 'interfacing with software' section of the playground so others can follow your example.

I will do that when I have the whole project finished. Im taking pictures (hardwarestuff) and saving code, both errors and the code that is functional. That is one of the fun things with this... show others (ask...) and get feedback. Redo and do the finetunings....

Well you all know... Ill keep you posted!

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Did you get to post the final result of placing info from Ardinuo into .csv and onto Excel ?



GoBetwino can put data directly into excell sheets for yoiu.

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That is a great program will get it.



I've been using this:

It works pretty well. If you know VBA you can make it do neat stuff.

Haven't used Gobetwino, but I will give that one a shot.

I just used Serial Data Logger. Advanced Serial Data Logger software - serial and RS232 port data collection and acquisition software

and got data to excel to charts in about 10 min