Arduino to ios app

Looking for some suggestions before I start my project that will use an iOS device to display data from an Arduino. What I have is an industrial equipment controller that I have already been able to communicate with using my Arduino and an RS485 connection. The controller has several data strings that can be accessed over the serial connection. The data strings provide operating data I would like to display on an iOS device using my Arduino with Ethernet shield.

I am looking for advice from anyone that has done something like this before. I just want to send a couple different commands from the iOS device and then have my Arduino send my char array to the iOS device. My array is between 3 and 217 characters so it isn't a lot of data and I'm looking for a simple solution to transport this data to my device.

If the Arduino already has an ethernet shield, you can make the iDevice communicate with it without needing any i-specific application or hardware. Just start a standard browser, and have the Arduino running as a server.