arduino to javascript gui

I was thinking about making some sort of gui for arduino and i want to write it in html + java script.
I would just like to display some sensor readings(motor speed, distance, ...) and send back to arduino some data(controling speed, ...). And it also has to look nice, with some buttons, slider or something like that.
Is this possible? if yes how

ps: i want to run a sketch on arduino and javascript will work just like some sort of advanced serial monitor

Is this possible?

It is possible to have the Arduino, with ethernet shield, serve up a web page with appropriate html and javascript.

if yes how

Your project. You do the research.

I found out that seriality ( is solution for my project but it is only available for Mac OS X. :frowning:
If someone know about something similar that works on Windows please let me know.

This one?

yes is possible

read my post.. i use chrome.serial