Arduino to let sensors control Cubase

I'm not new to music, but fairly new to arduino. I am trying to use various sensors (accelerometers, distance detectors, etc.) to control effects on Cubase music editing software. It seems as though Cubase will only allow MIDI for remote control, so I probably need to covert arduino data to MIDI first. If anyone has any idea how to do this, or do it another (e.g. non-MIDI) way, or for that matter with another music program, I would be eternally grateful for any information. Many thanks in advance. Cheers, -HeavyD

Just look in the playground or Google Arduino + MIDI.

There are lot's of MIDI projects out there, and it is not very difficult to make Arduino send MIDI data.

If this is what you are searching for:

I built this as a quick dirty beta, if you are interested ill share the schematics and source.

The source worked fine for a laser-beam controlled audio-installation.