Arduino to manage RaceCar

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Forgive me, I'm completely new to programming. I've been researching into management systems for my racecar, I for the life of me cannot understand why companies charge nearly £1,500 for a digital display. After speaking to the programmer at my work he said Arduino might be a pathway.

What I'm looking for is an Arduino to read voltages from sensors (speed, RPM, Oil Press and temp, etc) and display them on a Nextion screen behind the steering wheel, in relation to RPM display a set on LEDs that light up respectively with RPM. Then a second Nextion screen in the centre of the dashboard which has a rear facing camera.

Currently I've ordered a Arduino UNO and start kit to practice with, plus the 2 x 5" Nextion screens, but what I've ask the Arduino to do, is this possible? What sources/tutorials are there that are for beginners and are related to what I'm requiring. Please see image below of what I'd expecting.


I believe someone already made a similar project. Check here.

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Reading sensors and displaying them on a screen is what the Arduino is good at. Displaying video = not so good.

The automotive environment is extremely harsh on electronics. You can toast an Arduino by doing normal things like connecting the battery. Part of that $1500 is protection on every single input or output.