Arduino to mono audio cable as CV for Doepfer Analog Synth


guess soldering a wire from an Arduino to a mono cable isn't that hard and would work?

but what kind of signals would the Doepfer then expect as CV? sure, most modules expect one volt per octave or something, the manual of the module where I'd plug it in will tell more details. But the plugs of a mono cable has 2 parts, what am i supposed to send there and on which of these?

just in case it's not clear: i do not want MIDI or digital data, just plain control voltage

Arduinos generally do not have an analog voltage output. So you would need some additional hardware and you first need to decide how much precision you need (at least 12 bit, 16 bit is more likely). A search for “Arduino CV output” will show you what other people have done.


thank you for the answer.

i grew up with a gameboy, 4 bit are enough :wink: but seriously, i don’t mind bit crunching, that saves cables and inputs of the distortion module.

what about the analog pins? these are just digital too? but pwm? so could i at least send a gate signal? and do i see right that my arduino uno will never send more than 5 volts? so i can’t fry my doepfer?

Analog pins are input only. PWM/digital pins are input/output. So gate signals are no problem. CV is the problem. But as I suggested before look what other people have done and start from there.


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