arduino to openwrt interface

G'day folks,

Thought I'd found what I needed, but after re-examining while trying to implement it; probably not such a good solution...

Basically what I'm doing - is using arduino to control a system; want to output some of the data from sensors and system status info to a webserver so I can check on it remotely.

Seemed the best way to do this, was to connect to a fonera 2100 running openwrt... Got the arduinos rx/tx pins connected to /dev/ttys0 on the fonera. That's working nicely - been playing with it all morning :slight_smile:

But the real question, is - what's the best way to take that arduino data and spit it out through that serial link - and make it available to apache in a useable format?

Thanks in advance,


Assuming you can write a cgi to be served on the fonera, I'd proably write a cgi script that querried the arduino (just sending a single character is good enough), let the arduino sketch serial.print() the values, then let the cgi read them and display HTML.


Ok, that makes some sense to me... But anyone have an example code kicking around I could play with (it's been way too long since I last did any programming - and cgi didn't exist when I did) :slight_smile:

openwrt web pages are served by shell scripts
you should find lots of these to read/edit somewhere on the fonera’s flash…