Arduino to PC via UART Serial Radio Link


I want an Arduino to chat with a PC via Serial/UART over a Radio link.
So i am writing a distributed application with part in an Arduino and other part in a Windows PC.
The application will chat via a USART serial link which initially with be directly wired.
Then i wise to replace the serial wire link with a pair of Tx/Rx radio boards.
Anyone know of a pair of UART/Serial to Radio boards that will do the Radio Tx/Rx please?
Many thanks imk

You have to ask yourself this question. How would a radio board on the PC serial actually know when to transmit and when to receive?


Sorry but i really don't understand your reply.
I am electronics eng and been developing software for 50 years.
I see these little radio Tx/Rx boards as a black box, inasmuch as when i push serial data into the Tx port of one board it pops out of the Rx port of the other board and vice versa.
Just like having a pair of FT232RL boards, but instead of USB they communicate via radio!
That is what i want, so do you know of a pair black box radio boards please?

nRF24L01 - 2.4GHz RF Transceiver With Arduino (Code and Schematics) | Random Nerd Tutorials

Sounds like technobabble for Bluetooth. You won't need a pair of the same and, if you are lucky, there will already be a transceiver at the other end.

Geekcreit® HC-12 433MHz SI4463 Wireless Serial Module Wireless Transceiver Transmission Serial Communication Data Board Remote 1000M Sale - Banggood USA

nRF24L01 - 2.4GHz RF Transceiver With Arduino (Code and Schematics) | Random Nerd Tutorials

Looks like a good candidate, unfortunately PC don't chat SPI :frowning: .
So i guess I would need to have a Arduino at the PC end to convert PC serial to SPi to RF24L01 to RF24L01 to SPI to serial to Arduino to serial to Arduino.. Oh that looks like three Arduino's :slight_smile:
Worthy of further thought

Solution is possible just need radio boards that chat serial :slight_smile:

The Geekcreit units look like they're more in line with your stated paradigm.

That looking like good candidate as is basically a radio modem which is essentially what i want :slight_smile: Many thanks

Take a look at XBee, too. More $$ but likely more support available (if nec.).

This looks likely, but bit expensive :slight_smile:

The kit includes those external, mountable antennas.

Good point about the antennas, spec says long range to, which is not that important for the application but good to know. Read spec three times and not 100% clear if in peer to peer mode they work in full duplex or half duplex. But my application requires full duplex at this time but i guess i could re-engineer it to work half duplex.

This solution looks about the mark but 10m range i think maybe a issue.

The HC12 (already mentioned) and some of the Ebyte E32 LoRa modules can act as a serial bridge.

The HC12 as I recall may not do error checking so any interaction needs to allow for errors in the serial stream.