Arduino to Pixhawk 4 two questions

Hello everyone,

1) I was wanting to feed the euler angle output (which would be supported by the airspeed sensor) from a pixhawk 4 to an arduino? I was then going to use these angles in a custom stabilization algorithm for my VTOL which would be done by the arduino. Does anyone know the upper limit of how many unique samples of the three angles (yaw,pitch,roll) you can transfer over every second? I think I will probably be needing to transfer over about 50 samples each second…

2) I was also wanting to replace the accepted transmitter inputs to the pixhawk 4 with analog stick inputs from an arduino (or if you know if it can be done without an arduino then please tell).

Essentially I want to control my plane with a custom controller that uses HC-12 transceivers and two analog sticks instead of having to use the short list of bought radio transmitters that are considered compatible with the pixhawk 4.

I also want to be able to troubleshoot the VTOL I'm making on the ground by having a direct wired connection between the analog stick inputs of the arduino so that the pixhawk 4 reads the analog stick inputs as the would-be radio transmitter stick inputs, so, if anyone knows how to do that, that'd be great.

any information would be much appreciated, thanks!

That could be a tough project. I know very little about what you are trying but you ask: what is the upper limit of how many unique samples of the three angles (yaw,pitch,roll) you can transfer over every second? That I cannot answer, it is determined by the baud rates used, and your software. I would suggest starting with a Mega because it has hardware serial, the Uno unless you do some hardware mods you will have to use software serial which is in parts blocking code (you cannot do anything else while in this part of the code). The Mega has buffers and is interrupt driven leaving you most of the processor to do your job. Once you get it working you can determine if you want to put it on an Uno or similar part.

Thanks Gil,

Yeah it don't seem so easy. There is a tutorial on the ardupilot website using mavlink so I suppose that's the first avenue to try. Thanks for the tip on the mega, luckily I do have one handy.

Have a good one

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