arduino to Pololu Micro Dual Serial Motor Control

hello I have been trying to get a Pololu Micro Dual Serial Motor Controller to work with the arduino. I have tryed to do it with tutorial from other websits but seemed to never get it to work I you can tell me or some a examples how to get it to work I have tryed this with the basic stamp so the controller still works. HELP!!!!!!

How did you connect it to Arduino ?

Did you remember to connect Arduinos ground to the motorcontrollers ground ?

Can you give more details about what you're doing and how it's not working? Note that the controller automatically detects the baud rate and the Arduino's serial.begin() seems to put some garbage on the line that doesn't work with the automatic baud detection routine. Have you tried resetting the motor controller after calling serial.begin()? Another solution is to set the Arduino's transmit pin (pin 1) as an output after you call serial.begin().

  • Ben