arduino to postgresql

Hi guys.

I am new in Arduino world. So can anyone help me please. I am trying to write software which will read data from Arduino UNO board. I need to keep this data in Postgresql database or Mysql or it can be Sqlite too. But my main target postgresql. Arduino has been connected to PC via USB port. So I need way to import this data to database via USB. It is not a web server it is Windows application.The way which I found for this to connect from PHP only.But I don't need this connection via PHP. Can anyone suggest me way for this please?

Generally, the PHP solution is just a web page that a network capable arduino can perform a GET request on to pass sensor readings. PHP (or whatever technology you use to serve your page) takes care of pushing the data into your database of choice.

In your case, one way to do it is to write a PC program that communicates with the arduino over whichever serial port the arduino appears as and collect the sensor data that way. Then again, it's the responsibility of the PC code to talk to the database.

thanks a lot wildbill. Could you please explain how can I keep data from the sensors to mysql server via the serial? I found the way to keep sensor data from the etherent. But from the serial (USB ) not. I saw it takes to long time using postgress. Thanks a lot for your replies.

It’s not really an Arduino question. You’re going to have to write a program that runs on whatever machine your arduino is attached to. The choice of language is yours. Assuming you’re using windows you could write it in C# and use MySql.Data.MySqlClient to connect to your database.

I’m surprised that you’re getting performance issues with the ethernet version; which part is slow?