Arduino to PX24500 DMX Receiver

I’m trying to control some LED Strips using the PX24500

I’m working via these 3 examples. 1 , 2 , 3

I have wired up the power supply & LED Strips to the PX24500 and the lights work, they appear white.

For the Arduino control side I am using the SN75176 Chip as opposed to the MAX485. and have matched the circuit diagram provided in all the walk throughs.

However I have tried uploading some simple code to turn channel 1 to max brightness with 2 and 3 turned off. But it doesn’t work. I’ve been through a number of things which I thought might be wrong.

  1. Using a Patch Cable & a Crossover Cable
  2. Rebuilding the circuit between the Arduino and the PX24500
  3. Trying the DMXSimple examples provided by as well as my own code (as is shown below)

I was wondering if anyone can spot where I might be going wrong?

It’s worth noting I’m not sure what the dip switches on the side should be set to so they are currently all turned off.

#include <DmxSimple.h>

void setup() {

void loop() {
  DmxSimple.write (1, 255);
  DmxSimple.write (2, 0);
  DmxSimple.write (3, 0);



Update: I got it work. In true amateurish fashion I only had to switch over two wires. I can now control the RGB strips fully, using the DMX simple library.

The PX24500 has a good response time allowing smooth fading and instant colour changes.

And only cost £56.40 so reallllllly good value!