Arduino to Scanner

Is it possible to have the arduino interface to a standard USB scanner? I don't mean have it connect by USB but rather remove the imaging sensor from the scanner and plug that directly into the arduino.

I read somewhere that many flatbed scanners use a common interface to the optical head. If I recall there is power, ground, Home, Light, reset, clock, and three analog signals for Red, Green, and Blue. You use Reset and Clock to step through all the samples from the optical sensor. Each step gives you a Red, Green and Blue analog signal.

The optical head I have handy has a 28-pin ribbon cable.

1,2 ?
3,4 ?
5,6 Power?
7 Ground
9 Ground
11 Ground
13 Ground
15 Ground
17 Ground
19 seems to be the HOME sensor
20 Ground
21,22, 23 Signal Ground
24 Red?
25 Signal Ground
26 Green?
27 Signal Ground
28 Blue

Thank you that should be very helpful.