arduino to send data to a webpage

hi guys im new to all this im trying to build a ground sensor that i can put out in a rural area and it will measure moisture and send that data to a webpage, i want it to auto update every 5 mins if possible,is this possable could anyone build it for me for a reasonable price? im a farmer and have 10,000 acres and it a pain in the ass to drive down every month to check moisture levels :) thanks guys hope someone can help! i know alot about electronics but not about arduino yet so even if i can get a list of parts and i can build it myself :)

hi there i have built the sensor but what do i add to transmit that data thats what i need to know can i use an arduino module? it does but i want to build a few not just one :) the sensor is a line of resistors to it will give a higher ohms as temp rises so i need to turn that into data and send it to website thanks for your help i hope i havnt confused you :)

im looking at battery power and no power or internet connection so it has to send data to satelite first i think im not too good at this its out of my feild thats why im asking you guys :) sorry its in the middle of nowere thats why its so hard i have to drive down and manually check once a month thats why i want to set it up so i can check it from the internet im not sure how they comunicate yet i havnt got that far again thats why im asking you :) thanks again

Is there cell-phone reception in the area you're trying to measure?

Hi guys thank you for all the questions and answers ill start from were i am im in outback australia so heaps of sunlight and yes we have mobile coverage here so that sounds like a cheaper option i am building a ground sensor that measures moisture level in the ground and i will start on my property and want to start making these if i can make them cost effective as i have many farm friends that need this technology so its not a waste if i can make them for a decent price as it will save us on fuel and time so i will be making heaps not just 1 out here moisture level can be very helpfull info . id like to do it but thats why im asking all the qs as i dont know enough about this feild to build it yet im a tv tech full time so i am pretty good at repairing at component level and know basic electronics just never daveled into this before hence the guidence :) hope this helped you see what im doing and hope you can help thanks again.

I've got a few extra of these laying around. Perhaps you could use them to modify your previous post.


ok i measured and i can put one about 1k from the house is it possible to get a wirless signal to go that far ? thanks again