Arduino to switch instrument cable (guitar to amp) on/off ???


Using an Arduino, I'm trying to send a signal to a circuit (my problem) to turn on/off (or mute) the signal between the guitar and amplifier. I see that they sell instrument cables with the on/off switch built in, but I am trying to imitate the same thing but having the Arduino send the signal.

What I have in mind is to create a pcb board with two 1/4" mono female input jack plug socket ( and some kind of switch (digital?) to let the signal flow thru the circuit.

Question what kind of switch (never used a digital switch)? Sample code? Any better ideas? Spent most of the day doing research but I have hit a brick wall.


Question what kind of switch

These include the 4016 and 4066 from the 4000 series. From:-

Sample code

Same as blinking an LED.