Arduino to Texas Instrument Chip (CC2541)

Hi guys !

I have some trouble to understand something that might be very simple for some of us... but i never did it and it's hard to have a first idea of what i need to do.

I'm programming an Arduino Nano, and i want to transpose this algorithm in a firmware for my CC2541 Bluetooth + MCU + ADC. The fact is that i don't know the different step... do i need a particular software (IDE) or hardware (programmer) ? Can i use directly my C code (with adjustment on the pin number) ?

Thanks a lot !

Chuoby: I'm programming an Arduino Nano,

After that I cannot understand what you are trying to say.

You refer to "this algorithm" but you have not included it in your Post.

You say "transpose ... in a firmware for my CC2541 Bluetooth + MCU + ADC." but you have provided no information about any of those devices.

And I can't figure if you want to put a Nano program on the CC2541 or put a CC2541 program on a Nano.

On top of which you have not posted the program you want help with.


It was just to know the basics of transcript an Arduino Code into a CC2541 code.

For those who are interested, you need to download IAR Workbench for 8051 (the MCU that is in the CC2541).
You also need a piece of hardware : the debugger, in order to plug the CC2541 to your computer and upload the program. You can have it in the Development Kit of Texas instrument.

You also need to have the libraries from Texas Instrument for IAR Workbench, there are plenty of example. Just be careful to drag and drop all the files downloaded from texas instrument into the IAR Workbench folder (and NOT just the “example files”, because the example files are searching the .h librairies relatively to their actuel position, so they wouldn’t find it if you didn’t drag and drop every other files nearby).