Arduino to Wifi 101 communication using I2C

Hi, I am working a project with Arduino Zero. An external shield with sensors communicating with Zeero via SPI is used in the project. I am looking to use Wifi 101 shield to transfer sensor data wirelessly to the system.

I am a beginner and I want to make Wifi 101 use I2C for communication with Arduino Zero instead of SPI as my external shield uses SPI and that cannot be modified. How do I go about making Wifi 101 use I2C. Is it possible? Please Help.


Arduino Zero -
External shield using SPI for communication
Wifi Shield 101


IMHO this is a great use for the SPI bus! It is made to connect many different devices to it. All you need to when switching from one peripheral using SPI to another is turn off the clock of the spi and pull the chip select pin high.
I have used the Wifi shield with an SD card and they have worked well for the most part. The good part is that the WIFI 101 library takes care of turning on and off the SPI clock after each command you use.

I think if you want to use i2c instead of spi you need to change some settings in the underlying library of the ATWINC. The Arduino library for this is only setup to use spi and I don't think there is an easy way to change it to i2c.

Can i connect two spi drvices to 101 shield?