Arduino to Xbee to motor shield?

I was working on a robotics project, and i need to wirelessly control my little “rover”. Could i use the arduino uno with an Xbee and a motor shield with a wireless IP camera, and control the rover by my computer? Also what type of Xbee would be needed to stay in range within a mid-sized household? thanks for your time, i just started programming.

Yea you can use all that, but a lot of people are having problems with the new Xbee XSC models, so you may want to get a regular series model 2 Xbee, not a XSC.

This forum should have plenty of topics that help setup the xbee, or check out the Networking, Protocols, and Devices page, that covers Xbees.

An IP camera might be a litte tricky though, I never used one, so I dont know off hand how to set it up. But I would find my model and maybe a setup guide, google it.

When choosing shields you should make sure they will fit height-wise with each other. You can't have some big component that is several cm high sandwiched under another shield, the pins won't reach. Second is to see if any analog och digital pins conflicts. The datasheet for the shield say which are used. You can also try this sight (search for "xbee" in one search and "motor shield" in another) and see if you can find the same shield.

The wireless IP camera. Is it really wireless? A lot of products that are "wireless" of course have a power cord. Wireless here only means it doesn't have a cord for data communication (i.e. network cable).
But if it runs on batteries and the motors and motor shield can handle the current needed to drive this I think it is possible.