Arduino touch diplay

so i have arduino uno board. I want to use touch display.The problem is that it takes all the ports. So i was wondering if i could use the extra pin spots on the side. Pin holes are marked as CON1.
Thank you for your answers.

Post a description, maybe a drawing, to allow us to figure something out.
CON1 on an UNO..... I don't recall it.

Sorry i meant on touch diplays for arduino.

You need to provide some hard documentation for Your devices in order to awoid useless guesses from us.

Its an 2.8’’ TFT LCD SHIELD(RM68090)

That doesn’t tell much. Post the link to rhe data sheet.

Thanks! I was fiddling with the phone earlier.

Those pins are used:

#define LCD_CS A3 // Chip Select goes to Analog 3
#define LCD_CD A2 // Command/Data goes to Analog 2
#define LCD_WR A1 // LCD Write goes to Analog 1
#define LCD_RD A0 // LCD Read goes to Analog 0
#define LCD_RESET A4 // Can alternately just connect to Arduino's reset pin
// When using the BREAKOUT BOARD only, use these 8 data lines to the LCD:
// For the Arduino Uno, Duemilanove, Diecimila, etc.:
// D0 connects to digital pin 8 (Notice these are
// D1 connects to digital pin 9 NOT in order!)
// D2 connects to digital pin 2
// D3 connects to digital pin 3
// D4 connects to digital pin 4
// D5 connects to digital pin 5
// D6 connects to digital pin 6
// D7 connects to digital pin 7

Some checking could be needed but I would say that the CS, on the display ought to be possible to be connected permanently to its active state, +5 volt. It's possible that a library will operate A3.

That gives You the free to use pins D10 - D13, A4 - A5.

Thank you so much sir. appreciate it!!!

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