Arduino Touch Guitar

Hey guys! My name's Jake and i'm studying Electronics this year in school. For my year 12 major project i was planning to build a touch guitar using arduino. For this project i have bought an Arduino Uno R3, a MP3 Player Shield and a Music Instrument Shield. I found it hard to find information on how to use the shields and wasn't sure which one would be best for this project. Any ideas? i was also wondering if anyone could help teach me about these shields or link me some sites to read up on it?

After doing some research i thought of using conductive strips up the neck of the guitar separated by resistors and connecting them to the analog pins. There will also be a conductive strip along the back of the guitar neck that the hand will always touch and as the fingers touch the frets on the guitar neck it will complete the circuit. Depending on how high up the guitar neck it will register a different resistance and will play the note corresponding with this section of the guitar. i was wondering if this would work? and if i could be directed to somewhere to learn more about coding for this.