Arduino touch screen

Any of you guys tried using 2.8 18-bit color TFT LCD with touchscreen breakout board [ILI9325] : ID 335 : $40.00 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits ???

Just wondering how easy would be to run 2 of them using a arduino mega...

I just one to have a bunch of touch buttons and the other one to display data/menus

Have a look at the library Adafruit provides - it may have comments about assigning pins and so forth, but hopefully you just instantiate two objects and give different pins to each. The screen is ILI9325 based by the look of it which is a nice controller (easy to drive frame buffer, various open-source drivers out there, readable datasheet available.).

If you want to drive lots of screens you should be aware of these cheap ILI9325 based units (I have two and they work for me :wink: - NOTE they take 3.3V logic inputs, so for a 5V Arduino you’d need at least some series resistors to protect the inputs - I’ve been using a 3.3V microcontroller myself. They also have a SDcard socket on the back (which of course is also 3.3V).

Once you’ve got the Adafruit one working a bit of tinkering should let you port that to the cheaper modules if cost is an issue.

Actually I've had a look at that library - it has fixed assigments for pins (which depend on whether Uno/Mega/Leonardo and whether the shield or the adapter board). So it would be a little tricky - all the pin stuff is done via macros. For two displays you can share all the pins except the CS (chip select) I think, so only the macros for that would need to be changed to take an argument selecting which display. Probably.