Arduino Transistor Problems - Any Help Appreciated

I'm experiencing problems when trying to use my arduino to operate a transistor...

I'm using the transistor to allow my 24V DC power supply to turn on/off a 24V DC solenoid.
I have a positive and a ground wire from the power supply.
I also have a positive and a ground to connect to the solenoid.

What i need help with is how to wire these two elements with the transistor to allow the power to be supplied to the solenoid only when i send it a signal from arduino.

The code i want to takle myself.

To my knowlage the three legs of the transistor from left to right are:
base, collector and emitter. I'm using a MOSFET.

My knowlage of wireing is still growing.
Any help would be greatly recived. :slight_smile:

If you've got base, collector and emitter, you haven't got a MOSFET; conversely, if you've got a MOSFET, you don't have base, collector or emitter, you've got gate, source and drain.

You need to identify the transistor before we can help you.

What are the markings?

This is the transistor in question. Which type is this??
Thanks for the repy.

One of these:

It isn't going to do what you want, I'm afraid.

See this thread:

You need a logic level MOSFET, or another transistor to make sure it is turned fully on.

Actually the part you showed (NTP60N06LG) is a logic-level MOSFET:

It should work. Pin 1 (on the left of your photo) should go to your board, pin 2 (center) to the solenoid, and pin 3 (right) to ground. The other solenoid pin goes to the positive power supply pin.

Some more example circuits here...see the one with the MOSFET and the 12V lamp. Just replace the lamp with the solenoid and you're good to go. You may want to put a 1k resistor in series between the board pin and Pin 1 (just to limit the current coming out of your board).

Actually the part you showed (NTP60N06LG) is a logic-level MOSFET

That's odd - I the read ident in the picture as "NTP30N06LG", which with an RDS(on) of 35milliohms at 10V is going to be hard pressed to work at logic levels.
It's gonna get hot!

EDIT - but yes, I agree that a NTP60N06LG would be a better choice.

Sorry, yes, it is a NTP30N06LG but it's still a logic-level device (that's what the "L" in the suffix indicates):

Rds(on) is 46 milliohms at 5V

L - Well spotted.
Agreed, sorry for the confusion grenade. :-/

I originally read the "06" as "0G" from the photo, and googled that, didn't find, so knocked it off the search string, and then got the wrong datasheet.

Caveat Googler.

Some Fantastic advice here. Thanks to both of you for helpfull replies. I have the valves working now. I will post a thread soon showing their use in my motion controll platform.
Thanks again. i now know a lot more about transistors :slight_smile: [smiley=vrolijk_26.gif]